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Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development

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Who we are

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) is a socio – economic justice coalition established in February 2000. Its mandate has been to facilitate citizens` involvement in making pro-people public policy. ZIMCODD views indebtedness, the unfair global trade regime and lack of democratic people-centred economic governance as root causes of the social and economic crises in Zimbabwe and the world at large. Drawing from community–based livelihood experiences of its membership, ZIMCODD implements programmes aimed at delivering the following objectives;

  • To raise the level of economic literacy among ZIMCODD members to include views and participation of grassroots and marginalised communities;
  • To facilitate research, lobbying and advocacy in order to influence and promote policy change;
  • To formulate credible and sustainable economic and social policy alternatives; and
  • To develop a national coalition and facilitate the building of a vibrant movement for social and economic justice.

Where we work

ZIMCODD`s headquarters are in Harare, with regional offices in Bulawayo. There are committees and livelihoods assemblies in Mutare, Chipinge South (Checheche), Goromonzi, Binga, Gokwe, Gwanda and Matobo.

ZIMCODD is a member of regional and international networks working on Social and Economic Justice. In the SADC region, it is the Host of the Permanent Secretariat of the of the Southern African People`s Solidarity Network (SAPSN) from January 2019, whose focus is to support the development of alternatives to neoliberal corporate led globalization, with a negative impact on national and regional policies. ZIMCODD had once hosted this vibrant regional network from 2003 – 2011 before handing it over to Malawi on the rotational secretariat basis. Currently it is host to the Zimbabwe Social Forum (ZSF) and through this platform, ZIMCODD aims to develop a vibrant space for reflective thinking, democratic debate, formulation and exchange of alternative ideas to the neoliberal agenda in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Our Goal

The goal of the ZIMCODD 2020-2023 Strategic period is “To contribute towards sustainable social and economic justice in Zimbabwe”


Socio-economic justice in Zimbabwe anchored on a vibrant people-based movement

Why we exist

To take action against the debt burden and socioeconomic injustices through movement building and alternative policy formulation.

Thematic focus areas

The thrust of ZIMCODD’s work is to address social inequality and ensure shared economic prosperity for every Zimbabwean. It does so through the following thematic areas:

  1. (DRM)- This thematic area emerges from a realisation of the importance of domestic resources for driving sustainable development.
  2. (PRM)- There is a growing realisation of the need to promote prudent stewardship of public resources as an enabler of social and economic justice.
  3. This thematic area ensures that ZIMCODD remains rooted in the issues and struggles of the grassroots.
  4. (OD)- This thematic area acknowledges thatSuccessful delivery of objectives outlined in the strategic plan (2020-2023) will depend on the strength and suitability of the organisational structure.

Core implementation approaches

The ZIMCODD thematic areas outlined above are linked and contribute towards social and economic justice. To fulfil the work under the thematic areas, ZIMCODD employs a core set of implementation approaches namely:

  • to build on and consolidate the mobilisation of people of Zimbabwe to champion socio-economic justice and development.
  • (PRA) anchored on evidence-based lobbying and advocacy informed by research.
  • as a key pillar in the fight for social and economic justice focusing on harnessing public voices and collective efforts at local, regional and international level to build a broad based vibrant social movement.
  • strategies that seek to utilise the wealth of information across the three thematic areas. 

Theory of change

Our theory of change is that “If ZIMCODD strengthens citizens’ agency; use evidence to advocate and lobby for prudent public resources management, domestic resource mobilisation and trade justice then it will be able to influence development and implementation of pro-poor policies that leads to attainment of socio-economic justice in Zimbabwe”.

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