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Sunday, April 18, 2021


We urge our Parliamentarians to represent our voices and desire for a People-led 2021 National Budget. 

We want …

  1. A budget to unlock the power of Government spending in order to secure the future, help Zimbabweans recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, grow the economy, create decent jobs and protect the vulnerable – particularly the elderly and people with disabilities.
  1. A budget to safeguard the nation’s health by urgently addressing medical professionals’ legitimate concerns and spending at least 15% of the total budget to improve public health service delivery with an emphasis on establishing a Universal Health Insurance Scheme, strengthening primary health care and enhancing existing public health facilities’ capacity to cope with the Covid -19 pandemic, sexual reproductive health, malaria, cancer, TB, cholera, typhoid, mental health and other critical health challenges today.
  1. A budget to provide economic stimulus to Small and Medium Enterprises and the Informal Economy through inclusive financing and income substitution to help local SMEs, Smallholder Farmers, Transport Operators, Vendors, Cross-border Traders, Artisanal Miners and various trades in the informal economy to recover from income losses incurred during the lockdown period.
  1. A budget to free Zimbabwe from debt bondage through a sustainable public debt management framework and concrete measures to protect Zimbabwean households from unfair, abusive and predatory lending practices by private lenders.
  1. A budget to devolve economic power and authority, reform the Public Sector and give Zimbabwean Civil Servants fair remuneration and a dignified standard of living.
  1. A budget to enhance domestic resource mobilisation and operationalise the Sovereign Wealth Fund committed to in 2014 through an Act of Parliament by ensuring that all Zimbabweans especially wealthy individuals and Corporate bodies pay their fair share of taxesthrough the introduction of a Wealth Tax; and increased support for Parliamentary oversight over all tax incentives and mega-deals with foreign investors and mining companies.
  1. A budget to recognise and incentivise the contributions of Zimbabweans in the diaspora by facilitating their inclusion and participation in key democratic decision-making, electoral, investment and cultural initiatives using digital and other innovative mechanisms.
  1. A budget to strengthen democratic oversight and constitutional safeguards against the looting of national resources rampantthrough tax evasion, rent seeking behaviour, public tender corruption, illicit financial flows, the selling off of mines and other strategic assets on terms detrimental to the national interest; the privatisation of public services and the mortgaging of national assets in debt deals without adequate regulation, legislative scrutiny, popular consent, and due concern for the sustainability of our environment.

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