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ZIMCODD membership is based on the coalition concept, bringing together various institutions and individuals to collectively implement its mission and objectives. These members, who are divided into thematic sectors, share the organization’s goals, and together they constitute the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

A 20-member Board of Directors composed of representatives of specific sectors and regions are directly elected by the AGM in accordance with the constitution. In addition to the AGM, Regional Committees drive specific activities at local level, served by the Secretariat.



1) MR. LIBERTY BHEBHE (Chairperson)
National Youth Development Trust 

2) MRS. Rita Nyampinga (Vice Chairperson)

3) MRS. JANET ZHOU (Secretary)

4) MRS ANNAH MUSHUNJE ( Treasurer)

5) MR. DZIMBABWE CHIMBGA (Chairman, Legal Committee and representing Legal and Human Rights Organisations Sector)
Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

6) Ms. TECLA MASAMBA (Chairperson, Harare Region)
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)

7) MR. MELUSI MOYO (Chairperson, Southern Region)
Ibhetshu likazulu

8) MR. MEMORY CHINDEWERE (Chairperson, Mutare Region)
Zimbabwe Peace Project

9) MR. SIMBA MOYO (Residents Associations)
Combined Harare Residents Associations (CHRA)

10) DR FANWELL BOKOSI (Regional Organisations and Research Institutions Sector)
Padare Men's Forum

11) MR.MUKASIRI SIBANDA (Environmental Organisations)
Zimbabwe Environment Law Association (ZELA)

12) MRS. NYASHA CHAGONDA (Arts & Culture)
Savanna Trust

13) MS. RUMBIDZAI MATEWE (HIV/AIDS & Health Organisations)
Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV (ZNPP+)

14) MRS. EVERNICE MUNANDO(Gender & Women's Groups)
Female Students Network Trust 

15) REV. DR KENNETH MTATA (Faith Based Organisations Sector)

Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC)

16) MRS LORRAINE SIBANDA (Trade Justice and Livelihoods)

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association