Twitter Poll Survey on Whether Zimbabwe should extend lockdown beyond 3 May
Review of the Zimbabwe COVID-19 Lockdown
Open Letter to Parliament – Reconvene
Zimbabwe COVID-19 Resource Tracker
Informal Sector Inclusion Framework
PoZ Petition to Erase Clause 23 of the Constitution Amendment Bill
Letter to the President on Huawei Tax Exemption
Letter to Parliament on Huawei Tax Exemption
Prof Mthuli Ncube- Letter on UN Debt Resoulution
Zimbabwe COCID-19 Response Mechanism- Abridged Version
Zimbabwe COVID-19 Response Mechanism- The Resource Factor
Press Statement on Fiscal Measures to Contain COVID-19
Tentative Schedule for Public Hearings on Constitutional Ammendment No,2
Letter to the President- Huawei Income Tax Exemption
Zimbabwe Open Budget Survey
Analysis of the Binga Fisher Folk’s Livelihoods
Analysis of the Binga Fisher Folk’s Livelihoods
Financial adjustments Bill HB. 19
China-Zimbabwe relations_ implications on Zimbabwe’s Development
Annual Debt Management Analysis Report _2019
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