Natural Resources Governance

Strategic objective:

To establish standards in natural resource governance, promote transparency, accountability by 2020

The natural resources governance thematic area is driven by the realisation that communities are not deriving meaningful benefits from the exploitation of natural resources in their areas, furthermore the sector lacks transparency as evident by the Marange Diamonds revenue contradictions and the ZIMPLATS vs ZIMRA tax case just to highlight a few. There is need to build capacity and organize citizens for effective participation in broad based natural resource governance thus beyond mines and minerals for the greater benefit of local communities and the Zimbabwean populace. Awareness campaigns on natural resources governance will be conducted, key stakeholders will be engaged to influence policies on natural resource management. ZIMCODD will engage and mobilize communities, develop sector specific training and capacity building initiatives. Platforms will be created for communities and sectors to learn and share knowledge for action.

Expected Outcomes

• Improved parliamentary oversight role on natural resources management.
• Improve stakeholder involvement in the management and use of natural resources
• Advance transparency and accountability on natural resources revenue management