Organisational Development


Strategic objective:

Efficient and effective ZIMCODD structures able to deliver on mandate by 2020

This thematic area focuses on the internal governance of ZIMCODD at secretariat and political leadership levels for efficient service delivery to stakeholders. This process has already started with the skills audit and strategic planning being undertaken. The new organogram will be implemented, whilst the strategy document will be subjected to periodic reviews so that it resonates with the context dictates. The political leadership continues to be challenged and subjected to scrutiny by the various constituencies they represent in the coalition. Relevant and on-going capacity building is essential for members of the secretariat and board to bolster delivery. Resource mobilisation is also critical for the implementation of planned programmes hence current and potential partners will be targeted with market attractive proposals. Maintaining good relations, accountability and professional conduct with stakeholders also forms a vital component of the organisational development thematic areas.

Expected Outcomes

Strong sound and sustainable financial resource base
• Low/ reduced staff turn-over
• Sound technical expertise
• Improved programme development and execution capacity
• Effective human resource management and administrative policies in place
• Reaffirmed, broad and strong membership