Public Finance Management

Strategic objective:

To promote social accountability and transparency in public finance management in Zimbabwe by 2020. The Public Finance Management thematic area now embodies the subthemes on
· -Debt Management
· - Development Financing Effectiveness
· -Taxation and Tax Justice
· -National and Local Budget processes
· - Auditor General ‘s Reports Analysis
· -Monitoring the implementation of the constitutional provisions on Public Finance management

This thematic area will seek to contribute towards improved public finance management for effective development and improved social accountability. To this end, strategies will be put in place to inform citizens on Zimbabwe`s debt at all levels, development financing, tax justice, budget processes, findings of the Auditor General and share on the constitutional provisions on public finance management. These issues are normally viewed as less enticing and very technical, ZIMCODD will build the economic literacy of the citizens and the duty bearers to ensure effective interaction of the rights holders and duty bearers on Public finance management. Policy makers will be engaged on alternative policies on the sub themes in relation to development. To achieve meaningful results in these areas, relevant up to date research will be undertaken.

Expected Outcomes

• Responsible, accountable and progressive loan contraction system
• Strengthened parliamentary oversight on debt management
• Vibrant Debt Campaign Movement.
• Transparency in loan contraction agreements and public finance management.
• Publication of fair bills and budgets