Trade Justice and Livelihoods

Strategic objective:

To strengthen the capacity of livelihood groups for fair and just production trade justice and marketing alternatives for sustainable livelihoods by 2020

This thematic area focuses on empowering livelihood groups to improve production and economic benefits from agriculture and other economic ventures that communities undertake. Over the years ZIMCODD has learnt that farmers and traders lack capacity to negotiate for fair contracts and prices for their produce and wares hence the need to build livelihood groups capacity , network with markets for sustainable livelihoods. The trade and livelihoods thematic area though adopted from the previous strategy has been enhanced to incorporate other livelihood groups such as traders, fisheries and other economic groups that communities maybe be involved in their context. This is in addition to the traditional farmers groups that ZIMCODD has been working with in areas such as Chipinge, Checheche, Goromonzi, Binga, Matobo and Gokwe.