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BreakFree | Newsletter [Issue 02]

We have titled this edition of the Break Free newsletter “Community Voices on the Current Socio-Economic Status” to capture our thrust of ensuring that the voices of ordinary citizens that we work with is prominent.

The edition provides space primarily for ZIMCODD Social and Economic Justice Ambassadors (SEJAs) and Community Resource Monitoring Agents (CORAs) to share perspectives and experiences around social and economic realities that they are currently facing.

To differentiate itself from other ZIMCODD publications, the edition will be presented from the voices of the community members because of their centrality to the work that we do.


The Situational report seeks to function as a springboard for research that focuses on PRM in Zimbabwe. It intends to add to the existing body of knowledge and inform public officials on the state of PRM in Zimbabwean communities across the country. The situational report is a clarion call for the government`s intervention on the state of PRM in Zimbabwe. The drive for this August issue emanates from the need to inform government on how it can utilize the US$961 million received in the form of SDRs from the IMF by bringing to light areas that requires improved public service delivery.

This situational report primarily seeks to document evidence of poor economic governance that is characterized by grand systemic corruption, mismanagement of public resources, tender-preneurship, resource leakages, and abuse.