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BreakFree | Newsletter [Issue 02]

We have titled this edition of the Break Free newsletter “Community Voices on the Current Socio-Economic Status” to capture our thrust of ensuring that the voices of ordinary citizens that we work with is prominent.

The edition provides space primarily for ZIMCODD Social and Economic Justice Ambassadors (SEJAs) and Community Resource Monitoring Agents (CORAs) to share perspectives and experiences around social and economic realities that they are currently facing.

To differentiate itself from other ZIMCODD publications, the edition will be presented from the voices of the community members because of their centrality to the work that we do.


Effective Public Resources Management (PRM) in Zimbabwe is needed now more than ever following the new threat from the Omicron Variant B.1.1.529. The emergence of the new COVID-19 wave calls for the government to effectively, efficiently and economically deploy its resources. This is because if utilised judiciously, public resources enable a nation to robustly manage crisis. Public resources have also been credited for transforming service delivery.
There is a correlation between second generation rights which encompasses social and economic rights and robust public resource management. To this end, poor utilisation of public resource impedes upon social and economic rights, thereby entrenching social inequalities.
In a bid to monitor and track the utilisation of public resources, ZIMCODD carried out a survey in 57 districts in Zimbabwe to evaluate the utilisation of public resources at local government level. The survey sought to bring out anomalies in the utilisation of public resources and understand the deep structural challenges so as to come up with actionable recommendations that will promote the prudent utilisation of resources