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The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) is a socio-economic justice coalition established in February 2000 to facilitate citizens` involvement in making public policy more pro-people and pro-poor. ZIMCODD views indebtedness, the unfair global trade regime and lack of democratic people-centred economic governance as root causes of the socio-economic crises in Zimbabwe and the world at large. Drawing from community-based livelihood experiences of its membership, ZIMCODD implements programmes aimed at delivering the following objectives:

What We Do

Domestic Resource Mobilisation (DRM)

To advocate for development and operationalisation of policies, laws and systems that facilitate optimum mobilisation of domestic resources for development in Zimbabwe by 2023.

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Public Resource Management (PRM)

To promote prudent, accountable and transparent public resource management in Zimbabwe by 2023.

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Trade Justice and Livelihoods (TJL)

To strengthen the capacity of individuals, organised groups and communities to advocate for trade justice and sustainable livelihoods by 2023.

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Organisational Development (OD)

To contribute towards an efficient and effective ZIMCODD institutional structure by 2023.

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Quick Downloads

The Weekend Reader: Recommendations to stabilize the ZiG
Statement: Zimbabwe at 44
ZIMCODD Analysis of the 2024 Monetary Policy Statement
The Weekend Reader, The Socio-economic Impacts of Mining: Reflections for Corporate Social Responsibility
Monthly Economic Review February 2024
Terms of Reference for Model Frameworks on Debt Justice from a Social and Feminist Perspective For Advocacy and Lobbying
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