A Political Economic Analysis of Local Authorities in Zimbabwe 2024
Report on The National Baseline Survey on Gaps and Opportunities for Youth Participation in Accountability and Decision-Making Processes in Zimbabwe.
Gaps, Challenges and Critical Success Factors in Health and Education Service Delivery in Rural District Councils: The Case of Gokwe RDC
Zimbabwe’s Fiscal Response to the COVID-19 pandemic
ZIMCODD Analysis of the 2024 Monetary Policy Statement
Monthly Economic Review February 2024
ZIMCODD Institutional Report 2023
Health & Education Situational Report February 2024
Gaps and Challenges in Education and Health Service Delivery
Analysis of the 2023 Public Debt Report
November & December Public Resources Management Situational Report
An Analysis of the Report of the OAG On Local Authorities, 2022
October 2023 Monthly Economic Review
2023 Ideas Festival Bulletin- Gokwe
An Analysis of the 2023 OAG Report On Value-for-Money Audit of Devolution Funded Projects
ZIMCODD Analysis of The 2024 Budget Strategy Paper
Analysis of the 2023 Mid Term Budget Statement
Public Resources Management Situational Report
An Analysis of the 2022 Debt Bulletin
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