ZIMCODD’s growth in the past twenty years has been both phenomenal and fulfilling. The organization has touched lives across the country and region. ZIMCODD operates in 57 out of 63 national administrative districts in Zimbabwe. Our influencing work is growing stronger, using our access to public policy institutions and key decision-makers and access to justice through the courts system, to advance the constitutional rights and interests of communities, through the agency of our members.

ZIMCODD’s regional and international advocacy work is pioneered through the Southern African People’s Network, which in recent years has left an immutable footprint in the region.  

In its odyssey, ZIMCODD works around two strategic change goals: Fiscal and Trade Justice. Fiscal Justice encapsulates 5 Strategic Change Objectives (SCOs) covering:

  • Domestic Resource Mobilisation
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • Illicit Finance
  • Climate Financing
  • Transparency in mega infrastructure financing

Trade Justice, our second strategic change goal pillar, seeks to harness community voices against trade injustices. This pillar is anchored on the following SCOs:

  • Right to Sustainable Livelihoods for Small Scale Farmers
  • Advocate for a Just Trade Policy Agenda
  • Transparency in the Extractive Industry sector: There is a need for enhanced

How can you support the ZIMCODD endeavours?

  1. Collaborating with us in research, evidence gathering, & creation of empirical knowledge
  2. Collectively, with us to create critical mass in effecting sound, prudent and best practice in public finance management
  3. Financially supporting the ZIMCODD work as it permeates to every Zimbabwean and the region
  4. Being a springing board for amplifying the citizenry voice
  5. Joining the ZIMCODD movement as a paid-up member and participate in the organizational activities

ZIMCODD commands a competitive advantage in the national and regional spaces. Its 2030 strategy is designed to strengthen our contribution to accompanying people’s voices, especially that of marginalized communities, in the understanding of, and development of alternatives to, systems that drive poverty, social exclusion, and economic injustices. We are doing this at a time when the flow of finance to address environmental risks associated with global warming is not flowing to address climate risks that not only threaten us but, also, future generations.

Support our Work today.

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Ms. Janet Zhou

Executive Director