Weekend Reader

People-Centred Policies for enhanced livelihoods and food security
PVO Amendment Bill – A Manifestation of Shrinking Civic Space
The Weekend Reader- #ZAMI2022 CONCLUDES
Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba 2022
The Curse of Resource Backed Loans on Zimbabweans
2022 SADC People’s Summit Resolutions
The SADC Summit 2022, A chance to develop homegrown economic solutions
The Gold Coin: Yet another Arbitrage Scheme or solution for easing livelihood challenges?
June 2022 Policy Digest
The Pomona Deal: A case of impunity and illegitimate debt assumption
The Economic Crisis exposes health sector gaps in marginalized areas
Corruption at NSSA: A case of stealing from the poor
Social and Economic Justice Activists Academy 2022
The Weekend Reader- 24 June 2022
Government pegging fees in USD while de-dollarizing a slap in the face to citizens
Surging inflation continues to worsen the livelihoods of Zimbabweans
Pomona ‘Wastegate’ Scandal -Socioeconomic Implications, Lessons and Policy Recommendations
Is Davos a Priority considering Zimbabwe’s current socio-economic challenges?
2022 Alternative Mining Indaba
Harare’s Public Transport Sector- A Monumental Crisis for Citizens
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