The Weekend Reader- 24 June 2022
Government pegging fees in USD while de-dollarizing a slap in the face to citizens
Surging inflation continues to worsen the livelihoods of Zimbabweans
Pomona ‘Wastegate’ Scandal -Socioeconomic Implications, Lessons and Policy Recommendations
Is Davos a Priority considering Zimbabwe’s current socio-economic challenges?
2022 Alternative Mining Indaba
Harare’s Public Transport Sector- A Monumental Crisis for Citizens
Zimbabwe Dollar tumbles, Inflation rages havoc
A Peek into the National Development Strategy 1 Abridged Civil Society Monitoring Mechanism (CISOMM) Report
ZIMCODD to launch the NDS 1 Monitoring and the OAG Recommendations Implementation Tracking Survey Reports
ZIMCODD Launches #HowFar 2.0 Campaign
Private Voluntary Organisations (PVO) Amendment Bill :The dearth of democracy in Zimbabwe
National Youth Day Commemorations
Performance Contracts: Implementation is Key for Success
Analysis of the 2022 Monetary Policy
A Pricing Cap on Data Tariffs Now Critical to Protect the Poor
A Budget Transparency Comparative Analysis between the First and Second Republic in Zimbabwe
How Far Tax Justice ?
Week of Action against Inequality 14.01.2022
Celebrating the progress in 2021 and Committing to doing more in 2022
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