Analysis of the 2023 Public Debt Report
Policy Brief on the Percentage Share of Social Spending in Government Expenditure
Analysis of the 2023 Mid-term Monetary Policy Statement
ZIMCODD Budget Monitoring Framework
Commentary on Cotton Farmer’s Payments
2022 National Budget Implementation Factsheet
October 2022 Policy Digest
ZIMCODD Analysis of The 2023 National Budget
Policy Brief on Assessment of the extent to which PFM Bill 2021 is aligned to the 2013 Constitution
AFRODAD-ZIMCODD PFM Policy Brief ToRs 2022
February Policy Digest : The Private Voluntary Organizations Amendment Bill and Shrinking Civic Space in Zimbabwe
Policy Digest _ January 2022
Policy Digest _ January
Rethinking measures to sustain Informal Sector based livelihoods in Zimbabwe
An Analysis of the Percentage Share of Social Spending in Government’s 2021 National Budget
A call to establish a youth friendly budgeting system in Zimbabwe
A new vision of youth quota system design, formulation and implementation for youth inclusive governance in Zimbabwe
A youth mainstreamed anti-corruption mechanism
Giving a fair share of the pie to the young
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