Policy Briefs

An Analysis of the Percentage Share of Social Spending in Government’s 2021 National Budget
A call to establish a youth friendly budgeting system in Zimbabwe
A new vision of youth quota system design, formulation and implementation for youth inclusive governance in Zimbabwe
A youth mainstreamed anti-corruption mechanism
Giving a fair share of the pie to the young
Giving the silent majority a voice
Towards an inclusive Public Debt Management Mechanism
Towards One composite legal and coordination framework for Youth Empowerment in Zimbabwe
Youth Inclusion as a vaccine against the economic effects of pandemics
People`s Economic Aspirations Post COVID-19: Towards an Inclusive, People-Centred Economic Recovery Plan
Entrenching Social and Economic Justice in Post COVID-19 Response and Recovery Efforts
AFRODAD-ZIMCODD Multi-Sector and Multi- Stakeholder Conference Communique 2020
Policy Brief on 2020 Budget on Social Spending
The implications of Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill No. 2 on fiscal governance and public finance management in Zimbabwe
ZIMCODD’s Response to the Monetary Policy Statement
ZIMCODD’s 2019 National Budget Analysis…
Zimcodd Policy Brief – Mbada
Zimcodd Policy Brief – Mbada
Zimcodd Policy Brief – June 2015
Zimcodd Policy Brief – Disabililty final
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