COVID-19 Resources TODAY

details on COVID-19 Resources TODAY
refers to the commitments declared by different sources to strengthen the Zimbabwean C0VID-19 response. Such commitments refer to money and/or in-kind donations (converted to monetary value). The sources include development partners, other countries or governments, companies and individuals.
The government through the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare has identified 90 000 vulnerable citizens who will soon start receiving an increased amount of $300 (from the originally gazetted ZW$200) to cushion them against the effects of the Covid-19 induced lockdown period. The target has been revised following the call by cabinet to ensure that those who receive the support are bona fide citizens who deserve the gesture under a criteria they used to establish the vulnerability, according to social welfare assistance act.
Honoured Pledges - refers to commitments fulfilled by the different revenue sources. Honoured pledges cover fulfilment of money or in-kind donations that have been pledged since the breaking of the COVID-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe.
Amount Spent - refers to the resources utilised for the COVID-19 cause. This specifically speaks to resources allocated and distributed to COVID-19 priority needs.