Inequality destroyed our future

Selective application of law, a major driver of inequality
February 19, 2020
My own view about Inequality
February 21, 2020

My name is Consequence Muleya and I was born in ward 20 in Lukosi from an under privileged family of seven. Since I was born, I have never gone to school. My family had a small plot which could only produce food for family consumption and nothing extra to sell for income. At the age of ten, I lost all my parents and life became more difficult for me and my siblings. To make matters worse, there were no government subsidies to support us so we had to start looking for jobs so that we fend for ourselves.

We worked at the irrigation and continued to farm at our plot till the age when I managed to get a job at a Chinese Mining Company. Unfortunately, I was injured at work and lost my job. No compensation was given to me after the injury. Furthermore, due to dust from the mining activities, our agriculture yield has gone down. This further plunged my family into extreme poverty. Some of my siblings have unfortunately resorted to prostitution, begging in shops and sometimes criminal activities for survival.