Inequality resulted in my generational poverty

February 19, 2020
I could be having a good life but inequality put a stop to it
February 19, 2020

My name is Joshua and I was born from a poor family in the rural Lukosi. On the same day I was born, James was born from a rich family in an affluent suburb of Mpumalanga in Hwange town. My parents did not go to school and yet James’s parents went to school and were lucky to be gainfully employed as artisans at the Hwange Colliery Company. Due to their status, they could afford to have a better life which included in-house flushing toilets and piped water systems. Unfortunately, as for me, due to our economic situation we used blair toilets, fetched water from the river.

James managed to further his education and became a gainfully employed child just like his parents. Unfortunately, I failed to further my studies and I am now a herd boy in Lukosi and my children are not going to school either because I cannot afford to pay the fees required.