Inequality resulted in my generational poverty
February 19, 2020

Lukosi is an area located in Ward 20, eastern side of Hwange town. Despite the fact that Lukosi is rich in natural resources and fertile soils that favour horticulture, villagers are wallowing in poverty on daily basis and this is fueled by the fact that their livelihoods are being destroyed by mining activities in the area, water pollution and reduction in livestock grazing area. Lack of development in this area has led to prostitution and increase in diseases.

Poverty has seen villagers engaging in criminal activities like poaching for survival. Communities are bystanders as foreigners come and loot their resources yet they work in menial conditions earning peanut salaries. Furthermore, mining activities in the area destroyed roads, caused land degradation, affected farming, caused river siltation and noise pollution. Efforts to engage these investors are fruitless as they are met with resistance and threats.